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Living on the water,

Hiding away from the world

Pausing at a dip in the path,

Seeing all the colours throughout the day, …

This is the promise of AquaLodge

Wunderful !

We didn't have far to travel, as Aqualodge is just 35 minutes from our home. But we had a great trip… You could say that it all began the moment we spotted what would become our nest for 48 hours. Our goal was to find some peace and quiet, a break from our normally busy lives, and we certainly found it at a turn of the Molignée River. The "Rêve du Nénuphar", our chalet, was so pretty that we stayed put. We had a wonderful time just watching the lake, admiring the natural surroundings and taking the time to FOCUS ON OURSELVES ;-). We'll be back. But please don't tell the children!

Isa and Charles - Namur

Thanks !

My eldest daughter (25) today spends her life flitting between London and Sydney. She found a job abroad and had not been home for a year. She was to spend 10 days in Belgium and so we decided to take a break together. A friend had told me about Aqualodge. What an amazing discovery! In our small and adorable wooden chalet, we chatted about our lives and put the world to rights. We chose to have a local dish delivered for our evening meal, in order to make the most of our every moment together. Our getaway ended with a long walk on the Ravel path, early in the morning. After which I felt ready to share it all again ;-)… THANKS!

Anne-Sophie and Odile - Dion-le-Mont


On unwrapping our wedding gifts, we discovered a fabulous surprise from our witnesses: 48 hours by a lake. Although we didn’t get the opportunity to go on our honeymoon immediately, thanks to them – on the weekend just after our wedding – we found ourselves sitting lakeside with just one another for company! William was keen to experience all the local area, as usual ;-). But at dusk, we stuck to our rendezvous with the lake, our cosy chalet, and the setting sun. I wonder if we still really want to travel far or indulge our dreams. I think not. MANY THANKS to Aqualodge, and thanks to Jéré, Marie, Seb and Tristan…

Annelies et William - Bruxelles